On July 9, 2019, Pat and I launched our book Hit Hard. This story captures our family’s journey through ambiguous loss over the past decade as Zach recovered from a traumatic brain injury from a football scrimmage.

Our new website has a Zach McLeod tab onto which we copied the video timeline about his recovery, so you can still see it there. We also added a News and Reviews tab, so you can see what has been happening in our family with the launch of the book.

The former website zacharymcleod.com will remain for now since there are some things from the early days posted only on this site, but we will no longer add to it.

Thanks for journeying with us, and we hope you will continue at patandtammymcleod.com, or on Facebook or Instagram. We hope you read the book, which you can find on our website and if you enjoy reading it please write a review on Amazon, Goodreads, and/or Barnes and Noble.

With gratitude for your care for our family,


P.S. On the new site you will see that we changed the spelling of his name from Z-A-C-K to Z-A-C-H. That was at Zach’s request. Before his injury he flipped back and forth between both spellings, but after his injury he asked that we call him Zach.

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